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Puppies mark birth of commercial pet cloning

A U.S. woman received five puppies Tuesday that were cloned from her beloved late pitbull, becoming the inaugural customer of a South Korean company that says it is the world’s first successful commercial canine cloning service.

Ocean ‘dead zones’ becoming global problem

Like a chronic disease spreading through the body, “dead zones” with too little oxygen for life are expanding in the world’s oceans.

Gulf ‘dead zone’ suffocating fish and livelihoods

Fisherman Terry Pizani turns his captain’s wheel with a mournful expression on his face. Far below, the fishing grounds off the Louisiana coast where the 63-year-old has made a living for five decades have become an aquatic graveyard known as a “dead zone.”

Study: Organic food not more nutritional

If you’ve ever found yourself in your local supermarket agonizing about whether the organic apples will be a more nutritional and greener choice than the cheaper non-organic ones, you’re probably not alone.

Eco communities: Living the green life

The term “eco community” might conjure up an image of bearded hippies tending an allotment before sharing a mung bean stew. But as today’s urbanites become more concerned about reducing their carbon footprints, some are finding that modern eco communities offer them a way to live sustainably without foregoing their home comforts.

Arctic ice at second-lowest level ever

New satellite measurements show that crucial sea ice in the Arctic Ocean has plummeted to its second-lowest level on record.

Oil price up on Russia tensions

Oil prices shot up more than $5 a barrel Thursday, rising to the highest level in over two weeks as escalating tensions with Russia stoked fears of supply disruptions to the West.

Buffett: U.S. still in recession

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett said Friday the U.S. economy continues to be in a recession, by his definition, and will continue to be for at least several more months.

Reports: Japan creating $73B stimulus plan

Japan is drawing up an economic stimulus package worth eight trillion yen ($73 billion) to help businesses and consumers cope with soaring fuel and commodity prices, news reports said Saturday.

Mattel wins $100M in doll suit

A federal jury awarded Mattel Inc. $100 million in damages after a serious girl fight between the house of Barbie and the maker of her chief rival, the pouty-lipped Bratz dolls.

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